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Mineral Insulated Cable - AerOpak�

MI Cable Special Limits Of Error As Defined in ASTM E-230

Mineral Insulated Cable High Purity Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Insulation 99.4% Pure

MI Thermocouple Cable FurnaceOur product line of AerOpak� Mineral Insulated cable can be used under the most severe conditions that can destroy other types of thermocouple cable. Based on our rugged construction and with a large variety of sheath materials available, AerOpak� cable can be used in corrosive conditions up to the maximum range of the materials selected.

AerOpak� can be supplied in long lengths and can be formed or bent to a radius equal to twice the sheath diameter without loss of integrity. It can easily be welded or brazed to other metals when proper techniques are used.

Special non-destructive testing is available on in-process and finished thermocouple cable. Types of test available include Thermocouple Temperature Calibration, Radiography, Liquid Penetrant, Helium Leak, Dimensional, and Insulation Aeropak Cable ImageResistance. ARi standards are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

With our manufacturing capabilities, we can produce high quality AerOpak mineral insulated cable with outside sheath diameters from 0.020" to 0.750". Metric sizes, custom sizes, and heavy wall thickness cable is available on request.

Please contact us for further information or any special requirements you may have. 


Cross Sectional Aeropak Picture


Outside Sheath    Diameter

 ±0.001" (�0.025mm) or
 1% of nominal diameter, whichever is greater.

Wall Thickness 10% of sheath diameter as a minimum.         
Wire Diameter 15% of sheath O.D. as a minimum for 2 wires.
12% of sheath O.D. as a minimum for 4 wires.
  9% of sheath O.D. as a minimum for 6 wires.
Calibration Calibration tolerances ASTM-E230, and         
IEC584-1.  Special tolerances per AMS2750D and BAC 5621K offered subject to availability.

Part Numbering example



Wire Calibration ARi

Temperature Range


Chromel - Alumel K 0 to 1260 32 to 2300
Chromel - Constantan E 0 to 870 32 to 1600
Iron - Constantan J 0 to 760 32 to 1400
Copper - Constantan T 0 to 370 32 to 700
Nicrosil - Nisil N 0 to 1260 32 to 2300


High purity Magnesium Oxide (MgO), 99.4% minimum purity.


Material ARi
Melting Temp. Max. Temp. In Air
�F �C �F �C
AISI 304 ST/ST A 2550 1400 1650 900
AISI 310 ST/ST D 2550 1400 2000 1090
AISI 316 ST/ST C 2500 1370 1650 900
AISI 347 ST/ST F 2550 1400 1650 900
AISI 446 ST/ST AG 2600 1430 2000 1090
Inconel 600 B 2470 1350 2000 1090
Hastelloy X V 2300 1260 2200 1200

Standard AerOpak Mineral Insulated cable is normally available from
our inventory for immediate shipment. Call or email for details!

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